We offer a variety of additional options for those wishing to get the most out of their Canadian experience. Whether its spending more time in nature seeing beautiful locations, or being a tourist to some of British Columbia’s most popular locales, we can help. Each adventure may be included into the price and duration of a hunt, or additional days may be added in order to get the most out of each experience.


If you would like to experience the feel of the rustic trapping lifestyle that put many of the northern towns on the map, look no further. Our trips allow the guest trapper to set traps and snares, as well as try their hand at skinning and fleshing of any game caught. This is a hands-on experience, and not for everyone. Guest trappers will be able to take home one fur of each species trapped while with us. This may include Beaver, Wolf, Coyote, Marten, Mink, Weasel, Squirrel, Fox, and Muskrat. Trapping is not conducted for Bobcat or Lynx species.

Accommodations for this adventure take place out of our northern Trapline Cabin, which is equipped with a hot shower and comfortable sleeping quarters in an insulated cabin, complete with heated wood stove. Outdoor toilet facilities only. The area will be accessed with 4×4 vehicles, ATV’s, and track driven snow machines to check the traps placed each day.

Our experienced trapper will teach you the ins and outs of modern trapping, and give you a hands-on experience you are sure to remember.

Season dates:
December 1st– February 15th.

  • Adventures are normally 4 days in duration, but can be longer if desired. $3,500 USD for 4 Days
  • Trapline Adventures may also be added onto a Cat hunt at an additional price, based off of a “per day rate” of $750 USD. This is a great way to split up the sometimes-monotonous cat hunting days by mixing it with hands on experience trapping.
  • Also offered are wolf hunts. Our wolves are all shades of color, from white to black. Grey wolves are the most common. Typical wolves will weigh in at 80-125 pounds. These hunts are generally added onto a Cat Hunt. You may also add on additional days to your hunt to allow the greatest chance of success harvesting both cats and canines. Spend your day searching for cat tracks, rather than wasting time sitting in a blind over baited meat piles. First thing in the morning, and upon returning to the cabin at dusk, we will check the leghold traps for any wolves caught. The hunter will have the chance to shoot any wolves in the traps, though only two wolves may be taken home per hunter. A trophy fee of $1,500 USD will be charged per animal. Incidental wolves found while out hunting other species may also be harvested, at the same rate.


Sturgeon fishing on the mighty Fraser River takes place with your hosts Jen and Jeff of River Monster Adventures. Based locally out of Lillooet, they are a great option once finished your hunt, or as a way to spend some more time in the area. Fishing giant prehistoric Sturgeon has become very popular in the last decade, and it is easy to see why. These dinosaurs have stayed basically the same for the last 175 million years, and while they may be able to grow upwards of 20 feet long, are not harmful to humans. They have no teeth but instead, devour their food by swallowing much like a vacuum. The average size fish caught with River Monster Adventures is 5.5 to 6.5 feet in length, weighing in at 160 pounds. The largest caught may be upwards of 1000 pounds, measuring 11 feet long. On average, clients can expect to catch around 5 or 6 fish per day. If interested in a Sturgeon Fishing trip, please enquire for more details on pricing and availability.



Historically, Lillooet and the surrounding area was once a hotspot for Gold Rush aficionados. During the Gold Rush of 1858-59, Lillooet was booming and was reckoned to be the largest town west of Chicago, due to the influx of pioneers hoping to make it rich. Gold mining and prospecting continues in the area to this day, as do prospects for copper, silver, and jade, though not to the same extent it once was. Until the discovery of jade in the Cassiar, Lillooet was the world’s largest source of the nephrite form of Jade. In 1950, local farmer Ron Purvis created a

skil-saw concept blade, enabling the many immense boulders lining the Fraser and Bridge River drainages to be carved. Before this, these boulders were nearly immovable, as blasting would shatter the brittle rock, and they were otherwise too heavy to move by hand. There are no commercial jade mines in the area today, although local stores still carry polished jade souvenirs.

Just West of town, the Golden Cache Mine was once thought to hold one of the richest ore bodies of gold anywhere, until lack of results dried up investment in the area and the mining ceased. There are still many in the area who believe in the abundance of gold in the hills, and continue the search.

If you would like to try your hand at traditional gold panning, or use a small portable sluice box on one of the rivers in the area to see what you may find, let us know. We would be happy to accommodate and help supply you with the necessary materials for the adventure. Whatever gold you may find, is yours to keep.

Cost per day: $500 USD per person.


Arcadia Outfitting is located close to some of the most desirable tourist destinations in Western Canada. Whether it’s the bustling cityscape of BC’s capital city Vancouver, the picturesque wine country of Kelowna, or the rugged beauty and small town feel of Whistler, we have what you want. These tourist trips can be done on your own time before or after the hunt, or with one of our staff as your personal guide helping along the way. This is a great option for hunter’s companions wishing to see some more of Canada aside from the hunt.


Families will thoroughly enjoy the beauty and small town feel of Whistler. A Swiss-style mountain village set deep in the heart of the Coast Mountains, with over two million visitors annually. The village has won numerous design awards and has been voted among the top destinations in North America by major ski magazines since the mid 1990’s. During the 2010 Olympics, Whistler hosted many of the alpine events, and visitors can still take photos next to the Olympic Rings found in the town square. Visitors may travel across British Columbia’s rooftop on the Peak to Peak Gondola, explore 50+ kilometers of high alpine hiking trails, or bike on the paved valley trails below. From ancient volcanic peaks with 360 degree views, to the vibrant village with its great vibe, Whistler has visitors covered top to bottom.


In any season of the year, Kelowna has you covered with a plethora of activities. The city lies in the heart of Canadian wine-country, boasting numerous vineyards and wineries throughout the Okanagan area. A full day of wine tours is easily possible exploring around, along with many outdoor activities including hiking, mountain biking, canoeing or kayaking on the nearby lakes, or shopping in the city itself. Local wineries have won international awards for their fine wines, and are guaranteed to peak your taste buds. Visit organic farms as part of the Kelowna self-guided tour, or relax on the beach in one of the cities lakeside parks. Whatever it is you are looking for, Kelowna will have an attraction to fit the bill.


The Capital city of British Columbia, Vancouver has it all. World-class shopping, fine dining, and every attraction one can imagine may be found here. Stanley Park offers visitors beautiful Oceanside walks, punctuated by giant coniferous forests found only on the coast. The city center has anything you could wish to look for, and all kinds of unique souvenirs may be purchased for friends and family back home. Granville Island is a hidden gem in the city, and boasts a wonderful market with one of a kind food and wares for sale everywhere. (Don’t miss the smoked salmon!) Whether whale watching or looking for a unique cultural experience, don’t miss out on Vancouver’s beauty.


Arcadia Outfitting can help plan a trip to these beautiful destinations, or come along for the fun. We are happy to help however you choose.  If opting for a trip on your own, we can give helpful tips and make sure you hit up the best spots in each location. If you would like one of our staff to accompany you on the trip and act as a helpful guide, we can offer these services as well, as long as staff is available. Please specify well before the hunt.

Each location will be at the rate of $350/ day for a guide and vehicle. Gas and food are additional expenses.

  • Fuel to/from/ and around Whistler:      $400     
  • Fuel to/from/ and around Kelowna:      $500
  • Fuel to/from/ and around Vancouver:  $600


Seeing a location from the ground is never quite the same as seeing it from above. Even those who have flown their entire lives say that it is hard to beat flying around Lillooet. Helicopter tours can take you to a variety of alpine peaks, special fishing spots, or on stunning tours of the Fraser River Canyon in which we hunt. Helicopter rates are reasonable compared to many other destinations in Canada, and this is a must for those wishing to see what else the area has to offer. Ask how we can help organize your scenic flight while staying with us at Arcadia Outfitting.


  • Helicopter Tours
  • Phone: 250-256-6000
  • Website:


If you are interested in exploring the local countryside further, we have helpful map books and guides full of day hikes or even longer excursions should you wish. Lillooet and the surrounding area boasts some of the most picturesque locations in Western Canada, and the hike of your choice will leave you breathless in more ways than one. Feel free to enquire about hiking opportunities while you are with us, or to ask for advice beforehand.