Arcadia is defined as the idyllic vision of unspoiled wilderness, where man and animals are in harmony with one another. Arcadia is in all essences, the perfect Utopia.

“In Wilderness lies the hope of the world”  – John Muir 


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Arcadia Outfitting Ltd is located in the rain shadow of the Coast Mountain Ranges of British Columbia, and is one of the most diverse ecosystems a hunting concession has to offer. From towering alpine peaks to the cactus laden river breaks along the mighty Fraser River, our unique hunting area offers a wide range of hunting opportunities for the avid sportsman.

Family owned and operated, Arcadia Outfitting specializes in mountain hunting for high quality big game in a beautiful wilderness setting. Home to North America’s largest herd of California Bighorn Sheep, this area also has excellent populations of Mule Deer, Mountain Goat, Moose, Black Bear, and all three cat species including Cougar. High trophy potential exists on all species in the area.

The combination of sound wildlife practices, regulated harvests, and predator control has made this a premier hunting destination in North America. Allow the striking scenery of the Fraser River to form the backdrop to a true Canadian mountain hunting adventure.


“I believe Ben and I have something in common. One is a dreamer, and one is in the business of making dreams come true.”

-Scott Ungar

I have had the privilege to harvest four of North America’s most prestigious big game animals with Ben Stourac. Each of my experiences has been more than one could imagine. Thanks Ben for your professionalism, hard work, horse savvy, and politeness. From camp cook, wrangler, guide, skinner, caper, photographer, filmmaker, and meat packer you truly take it all on and succeed. Thanks for the memories. Let’s make more.

Jarod Wallace

Ben Stourac is one veteran guide that stands out as the best prepared, hardest working, most skilled at virtually every aspect of the hunt, trustworthy, and most concerned in meeting my expectations. Challenged with storms, snow, extremely rough terrain, horses, long days and more, Ben was cool, calm and collected in handling the challenges of the hunt and after days of glassing and hunting, put me into position to take the trophy of a lifetime

Rob Keck

Ben Stourac is a man who has spent his entire apprenticeship as a professional hunting guide in this toughest of learning environments. Having guided on both the Yukon and Northwest Territories side of the MacKenzie Mountains for over a decade, he has accumulated a string of exceptional trophies and satisfied clients that have earned him a deserved reputation as “one of the best in the business”.

Blake Abernethy

You know the guide is really in the hunt with you when you can’t wipe the smile off his face after a trophy is down. There is no substitute for hard work and you sure put in the effort in getting us up the mountain and in position to be successful, wrangling the ponies, and packing gear and meat. I’ll never again have a hunt like this one but one day we will climb another mountain and chase after another trophy. Thanks Ben!!

Jay Geary

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