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Southern British Columbia has long been recognized as one of North America’s premier cat hunting destinations. Big mature Toms in the area tip the scales at 150-190 pounds, with 14 to 15 inch skulls taken annually. Arcadia Outfitting offers hunts for all three of the cat species found in British Columbia: Cougar, Lynx, and Bobcat. All of our winter cat hunts also offer the opportunity at wolf and coyote.

Guide Outfitter Cougar Hunt


Arcadia Outfitting uses well trained hounds and experienced guides who know the area like the back of their hands. A combination of track driven snow machines and 4×4 vehicles are used to locate fresh tracks of the chosen species. Once our guides have located fresh tracks, our experienced hounds are used in hot pursuit.

Depending on your ability and desire to join in on the adventure, it is possible to either stay in camp or in the warm vehicles with another employee while our guides run logging roads to find fresh tracks. If you wish to come along and see the country while searching for your animal, you are more than welcome to come along as well! Many hunters choose to relax while they can, knowing that once a track is found, the Game is on and all their energy is needed in order to get to the treed animal. Trekking to your treed cat can be physically challenging, wading through deep snow or walking with snowshoes, something most people are not used to. Hunters need to come prepared for moments of down time interspersed with high energy rushes chasing the cats along with the hounds. It is a thrilling adventure everyone needs to experience.


Cougars in the area are numerous, as are their smaller brethren the bobcat and lynx. If a hunter desires to do so, two cougars may be harvested while on the hunt, for an additional trophy fee on the second animal. Two large males are not an option however. A hunter may only harvest one mature male. The second cougar must be a management tom (young male) or a barren female without kittens.

The smaller cats can be added onto the adventure for the cost of the hunting license, and once harvested, a trophy fee for each animal harvested is required. Bobcat and Lynx are challenging adversaries and will give the dogs a run for their money, making both dogs and guides think to get the job done.

They are a beautiful addition to your cougar hunt. Both bobcat and lynx are best hunted before January 15th, before snow conditions become too deep for the dogs to keep up.


  • Our hunts are scheduled mainly around optimal snow conditions, so a flexible schedule when booking is recommended for best success. Hunts will be conducted in order of deposits received.
  • Wolf and Coyote are also available on all hunts, mainly as an incidental animal. Hunting licenses for these species may be added onto the price of the hunt, with a trophy fee upon successful harvest.


November 15 – February 28

Trophy Cougar hunt
(8 day Hunt) $10,300 USD

2×1 (2 hunters per 1 guide)
$8,500 USD

2nd Cougar Trophy Fee
4,700 USD

Lynx Hunt
(7 day hunt)
$6,500 USD

Lynx Trophy Fee
$3,500 USD

Bobcat Hunt (5 day hunt)
$5,000 USD

Bobcat Trophy Fee
$2,500 USD

Wolf Trophy Fee
$1,500 USD

Management Cougar Hunt: $6,000. This cat hunt is the same as normal, although the focus will be primarily mature, old female lions weighing 90-120lbs. If a larger track is cut and the hunter would like to harvest a mature male instead, they may upgrade their hunt to full price in order to harvest a mature Tom.

All I can say is thankyou. It’s very obvious the attention to detail from the amazing food, the comfy cabin, and the amazing hunt. This was a bucket list hunt for me and I WILL be back. The memories of this hunt will NEVER fade, and I can’t wait to do it again!

Matt Schmitt, Wisconsin2018 Cougar hunt

Ben and Rosi, thanks for giving me the chance to come enjoy your awesome camp in the hills! Had a great couple of days, and enjoyed getting to know Robin and his dogs. Hope I can make it down again soon with the family; they’ll love this country!

Tavis Molnar, Yukon Territory2018 Cougar Hunt

We had an amazing time hunting for cats of a lifetime. Watching the dogs and their handlers was second to none. We can’t wait to visit the area and enjoy another hunt in this beautiful country.

Shane & Erica Laye, Alberta2019 Cougar Hunt

What a great start to the New Year! Finally got my first Lion. Beautiful country and first class outfit for sure.

Matt Chverchko, Pennsylvania2019 Cougar Hunt