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Our wolves are all shades of color, from white to black. Grey wolves are the most common. Typical wolves will weigh in at 80-125 pounds.


Wolf hunts are generally added onto a Cat Hunt. You may also add on additional days to your cat hunt to allow for the greatest chance of success harvesting both cats and canines. Spend your day searching for cat tracks, rather than wasting time sitting in a blind over baited meat piles. First thing in the morning, and upon returning to the cabin at dusk, we will check the leghold traps for any wolves caught. The hunter will have the chance to shoot any wolves in the traps, though only two wolves may be taken home per hunter. A trophy fee of $1,500 USD will be charged per wolf. Incidental wolves found while out hunting other species may also be harvested, at the same rate.


A trophy fee of $1,500 USD will be charged per wolf harvested as a secondary animal.

$750 per hunter 1×1 daily rate

$500 per hunter 2×1 daily rate