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The majority of our hunts are conducted from our comfortable base camp located 50 kilometers north of town. The one hour drive to camp winds its way along the mighty Fraser River, offering some of the most breathtaking scenery British Columbia has to offer. Our camp lies right in the heart of prime Black Bear, Mule Deer, Cougar, and Sheep hunting country; offering hunters an excellent chance of successful harvests.


Our basecamp is comfortably able to accommodate up to 4 hunters at a time. The guest cabins are fully insulated and contain air-tight wood burning stoves. Our main Cooking/Dining cabin has hot and cold running water, and full kitchen and bathroom facilities including an indoor toilet and shower with endless hot water on demand.

The main cabin has electricity run off of a generator for charging phones and any other electronics a hunter may wish to bring on their adventure. Equipped with a satellite basecamp phone and Wi-Fi reaching out to all the cabins, this truly is a comfortable basecamp of operations to enjoy one’s hunting adventure.


Depending on the style of hunt chosen, “spiking out” may be a necessary alternative to get the best hunting opportunities possible for the chosen species. If this is the case, spike camps are conducted out of comfortable wall tent camps or mobile backpack-style mountain tents. The camps will be situated in prime hunting locations to give you the best chance at successfully harvesting a trophy class animal. Wall tent camps are complete with kitchen cooking and dishwashing facilities, and a portable shower unit to rinse the dirt off at the end of a long day. These camps are usually moved with an ATV or E-bike

Our backpack style camps are made of the highest quality gear on the market today, and will be as lightweight and functional as possible to allow freedom of movement and comfort, all at the same time. A hunter needs to come prepared both physically and mentally to carry their fair share of weight on this style of hunt, carrying their camp up the mountain, and their trophy back down the mountain once successful.