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Ben and Rosi Stourac are proud to welcome you to Arcadia Outfitting Ltd, a family owned and operated outfitting business in the Coastal ranges of British Columbia, Canada.


Ben began his career in the Outfitting world at the tender age of 15, and like many others, began at the bottom of the pecking order, wrangling and catching horses. As time progressed, and Ben’s abilities grew, he began to guide when legally able to at the age of 18, and has continued to do so ever since. His passion has always been the mountains and the incredible animals that live within these extremes, and to be able to share these experiences with others has always driven him to do his very best to give his clients a true wilderness experience and succeed in whatever task is at hand.

Ben is an experienced mountaineer, horseman, and farrier, and has recently acquired his pilot’s license as well. From diving in the ocean to scaling cliff faces in Thailand, Ben’s heart lies in the wilderness of the world, and learning as much as possible about the wild animals within it. He has guided various species throughout British Columbia, the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, Mexico, and overseas in Kyrgyzstan. Everything he has done has been to work towards his goal of one day owning his own outfitting concession, and after many years of searching for the right area, he is proud to introduce you to Arcadia Outfitting.


Rosi and Ben have been together since 2013. After getting married a few years later, Rosi became very involved in Ben’s outfitting world as well. A born and bred Mexican beauty, growing up selling from a very young age in her families’ business, Rosi has always had a passion for commerce. She moved to Canada and was thrown into a whole new world she never even knew existed.

An entrepreneur herself, Rosi has owned various businesses throughout Mexico, and is expanding to international markets throughout the world. Like everything she has done in life thus far, she has taken her thirst for knowledge with her and has become a key component in their outfitting business, helping to manage the books, cooking fine Mexican and North American dishes, and keeping Ben in line when necessary. Her savvy business skills are a fundamental element of Arcadia Outfitting.