Hunt Black Bear

From high alpine meadows, to raging salmon rivers, Arcadia Outfitting has the style of black bear hunt to best suit your needs. 


The average Black Bear in our area are between 6ft and 7ft squared, although bears up to 7.5ft are not uncommon. Typical skull size is between 18-21 inches.  Hide quality of both spring and fall bears is exceptional, with little to no rubbing most years. Black bear numbers are the highest recorded to date in British Columbia, and the population densities in Arcadia are no exception, allowing for excellent hunter success rates. We have a healthy number of black bear in the area, and color phase variations are quite common. A hunter can expect to see both the regular black color, as well as a color phase bear (brown or blonde) while on their hunt with us.


Our area has a high number of both old and new log blocks, where previously, trees were cut down for their timber. This has created an ideal habitat for bear species, allowing lush vegetation and berry bushes to grow where they would otherwise have been smothered by the canopy cover. A black bear may lose between 25-30% of his winter weight during hibernation, and as a result will target these areas of rich vegetation to fill their empty bellies first thing upon waking. The extensive network of logging roads that were once used to access these areas by the logging companies are now 90% deactivated and are not easily accessible by the general public.  We utilize both 4×4 vehicles and ATV’s to access hard to reach areas to find where the big bears are living. Spot and stalk style hunting is our preferred hunting method: sitting up high on the mountainside glassing for the bears to feed into the open. Once a bear is located, the final stalk is done quickly and silently on foot.

Walking or Riding our E-Bikes quietly down old deactivated roads covered in vegetation is another favorite method of finding these big bears in their natural state. The ideal situation is to catch them unawares feeding or sleeping near the road systems, and stalk in quietly to get within range. This can be quite exhilarating. Our E-bikes allow us to see a pile of country in one day, with as much or as little exertion as one would like. While ATV’s or Side by Side’s are great, they are also a bit noisy, and this is when the E-Bikes really shine, allowing us to roll around corners and catch the feeding bears unawares, as opposed to them hearing us coming.


  • Arcadia Outfitting also has the option of hunting black bear with well-trained hounds, though this needs to be specified well before the hunt dates to make sure we have dogs on hand. In most cases, dogs will only be used if needed to find a wounded animal.
  • Fall hunts for bear combine well with high alpine mule deer in September, and the opportunity to harvest a big, heavy, fish eating bear exists during peak salmon run years.
  • Normal Black Bear hunting is not physically demanding, and is suited to all ages and abilities. The hunt can be tailored to your needs: whether looking for a laid-back experience hanging out in the mountains with some buddies and being social, or looking seriously for that next trophy class black bear, we can give you the challenge you are looking for. If you are new to the world of hunting, or a seasoned veteran of the hills, spring or fall black bear can be an excellent way to get out in the mountains and enjoy some hunting.


Spring Season – April 25- June 15

Fall Season – September 1-30 (6 day hunt)

$5,750 USD 1×1 (One hunter per Guide)

$4,750 USD 2×1 (Two Hunters per Guide)

$2,700 USD for Trophy Fee 2nd bear