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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”  – Benjamin Franklin


Since time immemorial, man has hunted and gathered. This has been the way to survive since the beginning. The Lord gave man dominion over all animals, to watch over them and name them. To care for, tend to, and use those animals to their fullest potential in a just manner.

In order for mankind to attain mastery over the animal kingdom, we must understand the animals as well as we understand one another. Spending time in the wilderness, face to face with these amazing creatures is the best way that we have found to learn to truly understand them. Arcadia means just that… humans and animals in harmony with one another.


Hunting has become tainted and fowled in many areas of the world by those who would misuse this right to our dominion. Here at Arcadia Outfitting, we respect the wild creatures on this earth. With this authority to rule, comes the responsibility to rule well. As stewards of the land, we must learn about proper wildlife management, selective and planned harvests, and learn to know our fellow animals just as well as we know ourselves. In doing so, we can better help the wild populations to flourish and grow, keeping the herds healthy, and harvesting only mature animals who would otherwise cease to be in due time. 

In today’s age, we can go to the grocery store and buy whatever food is necessary. We have begun to lose touch with our roots; our very beginnings. We genuinely believe at Arcadia Outfitting that God has given us this right to hunt and stay as one with nature in all aspects, and this is what we strive to share with others. To show them an art that is slowly fading away. Let us show you what it means to be in Arcadia. 

We must fulfill our duty to manage the earth wisely until that time when the wolf shall lie down with the lamb in the kingdom of Christ” (Isaiah 11:6).