Hunt Mule Deer

Mule deer rut hunts start in late October and run through to the end of November when bucks can be found chasing does that have migrated to their lower elevation winter ranges. Our mule deer populations are excellent and hunters can realistically expect to harvest dark heavy horned bucks in the 150”-170” inch class consistently, though using our various options of hunt styles can bring forth true trophy class bucks in the 170”-190” range as well. 


Arcadia Outfitting has many mule deer hunting options available. Whether you want to backpack style hunt for early September bachelor groups in the high alpine on your own two feet, or use our 4×4 ATV’s or vehicles to access some wider ranging areas, we are here to suit your needs. Hunting from our main basecamp lodge is also an option, and this will be a mix of 4×4 vehicle and ATV use from the comfort of our main camp.


Early season high alpine backpack style hunts are a fun and challenging way of hunting bachelor groups of bucks, ranging from 5000’ to 8500’ foot elevations. Hunting begins September 1st, and runs until October 1st for this option. Hunters should come in good physical shape and be prepared for some hard hikes and to carry loads both up the mountain to setup camp, and back down again with a heavily loaded backpack full of deer meat and antlers.  Normally, we can get within a few kilometers of our chosen hunting destinations, using 4×4 vehicles or ATV’s, saving ourselves some long walks. We also utilize some of the highest quality Electric Mountain Bikes on the market for these hunts. These bikes allow us to access areas 4×4 machines cannot go, but save us a pile of walking as well. A great option for anyone looking for a consistent physical hunt, without needing to use an ATV.


November 15th to December 10th will be the most active deer hunting option. Temperatures are colder and the rut is in full swing, causing bucks to stay on the move consistently. Higher numbers of bucks may be seen, though the likelihood of getting within bow range is lower. This is best suited to a rifle style hunt, and the success rate is very high. Those big smart bucks that stay away from the lower ranchlands during the regular season will begin to funnel down and look for does on the flatlands and river breaks. This is a great time to come find a big, heavy horned mule deer buck and get in on the action. Hunts will be conducted out of either high alpine horse camps (weather permitting) or the comfort of our basecamp lodge using a combination of 4×4 vehicle, ATV, or spot and stalk glassing. A great option for anyone.


September 1st – December 10th

High Alpine Backpack Hunt  – $6,500 USD
September 1-October 1st (8 Day Hunt)
$5,000 USD per Hunter for a 2×1 Hunt

Late season Lodge Hunt  –  $6,500 USD 
November 15th– December 10th (8 Day Hunt)
$5,000 USD per Hunter for a 2×1 Hunt