Hunt California Bighorn Sheep

Our California Bighorn hunts are known to produce some of the best trophy class rams available anywhere. Rams will typically score in the 160”-175” range, with heavy bases. Like all Bighorn species, our rams tend to broom (rub or bust their horn tips) and as such look the part of the classic Bighorn Ram.


The rolling grassland hills interspersed with sagebrush and vertical rocky escape terrain makes for ideal habitat for California Bighorn Sheep here at Arcadia Outfitting. Mature rams will weigh between 180-220 pounds, with heavy horns and skull that can weigh up to 30 pounds alone. Horn configuration is generally more flaring than their Rocky Mountain Bighorn counterparts, though similar mass is evident on both species.

Habitat loss, overhunting, and disease introduced in the early 1950’s by their domestic cousins (farm sheep, goats and llamas) all proved nearly fatal for California Bighorn Sheep populations in British Columbia. With an estimated low of only 1,200 animals in 1960, sheep populations have since reached historic highs to date with a current population estimate of nearly 5,000 animals throughout BC. Habitat protection, predator control, and sound wildlife practices are all contributing factors in this success story. In fact, over the past 10 years, the Arcadia area has been fortunate enough to maintain a 100% harvest record on our rifle hunts for mature rams.


Hunts are conducted out of our comfortable basecamp lodge, right in the heart of prime sheep country. We utilize any method necessary to give you the best chance of successfully harvesting your mature ram; whether using 4×4 vehicle, ATV, on foot, or horseback. Hunts are booked as a ten-day trip. We know that emergencies are unforeseen and can arise while on the hunt of a lifetime, and as such, we will happily work with you and your schedule to make sure you can come back and harvest your ram that same year should something come up to interfere with your hunt. Most of our hunters are finished with a beautiful ram in tow within 3-5 hunting days.

These tags are extremely sought after and are only available on a limited basis, so please contact for more information and availability.


September 20 – October 20 (10 Day hunt)

*Please contact for availability and pricing